Responsive Slideshow

A Responsive Slideshow will automatically adjust size to fit perfectly on any device - from mobile phone to desktop. The Responsive Slideshow in TreesCMS is very easy to use and includes powerful tools giving you total control and flexibility. 
Drag & Drop Upload
Drag and drop images to upload to your slideshow.
Image Order
Move images into any order with drag and drop, or load images randomly.
Unlimited Slideshows
Create as many Slideshows as you like and add to any page.
Resize image with the built in Image Editor for the perfect size.
Crop images with the Image Editor to ensure all images have the same aspect ratio.
Add Text
Add text to any image using the built in Image Editor.
Optional pager to show number of images and allow users to click to any image.
Show previous and next arrows to allow users to click between images.
Control the timing of both the transition and the length of time an image is displayed.
Set you slideshow to play automatically on load.
Add links to images to open files or pages and optionally set to open in a new window.
Enable/Disable Images
Maintain a library of images in a Slideshow and select which to display.


When checked the slideshow will play and advance slides automatically.

Transition Speed
The duration of the transition affect between two slides in milliseconds.

Image Display Time
Amount of time an image will display before beginning the transition to the next slide in milliseconds.

Show Pager
When checked small paging circles will appear below the slideshow.  This indicates number of slides as well as which slide is currently displayed.  The user can click on any of the paging circles to display that slide.

Randomize Images
Slides will normally appear in the order you create in the slideshow workspace. Check this box to load slides randomly.

Pause on Hover
When checked the slideshow will pause while a user hovers their mouse pointer over the slideshow.

Show Navigation
Displays previous and next navigation arrows when a user hovers their mouse pointer over the slideshow.  Clicking on a navigation arrow will move to either the previous or next slide.

Max Width
An advanced developer option that allows a developer to control the maximum width of the slideshow.  Normally not necessary as the slideshow is responsive.

Custom Pager
An advanced developer option that allows a developer to create a custom pager, rather than use the built-in paging circles.