Blog: Recent Posts

The Recent Posts page component displays the most recent posts from your blog.  As you publish new blog posts, the Recent Posts component automatically updates.

Navigate to the page where you want to add Recent Posts. Click the add new component button in a Zone and select Recent Posts.

Then click the Add Component button.


Number of Posts

You can select the number of most recent posts to display from 1 to 10.


If you completed the Description field for a blog post, you can optionally include that description in the list of recent posts (otherwise only the post title will appear in the recent posts list). Check the box for Display Descriptions.

Display by Category

You can set any instance of the Recent Posts component to display all blog categories or any number of selected categories. For example, if you had two blog categories, Products and Updates, you could have one Recent Post component display only posts from the Products category.  You could have another Recent Post component on another page display just the Update Category. And still another Recent Post component displaying all categories.

When you want a Recent Posts component to display all categories, you don't need to check anything. You can leave all checkboxes for categories blank.

When you want to display only certain categories, check those categories and click the Save button.