Page Components

Page Components are tools you can place on any page.  You place them within a Page Zone and can move them around. We are still working on all the Page Component guides. Keep checking back as we add more! Here is a list of many of the Page Components you can use with TreesCMS:
Content Block
Add text, images and links. Format text however you like. Includes a built-in image editor, spell check, image map generator and more.
Code Block
Paste video code from YouTube, custom Javascript, or just about anything else you need.
Creates an automatically updated sub-menu from any section of your menu tree.
Contact Form
No plugin necessary - it's build in! Easily customize recipients, add a subject line and change field labels.
Custom Form
Build your own custom form using text fields, addresses, radio button, select boxes and more.
Google Maps
Enter your address and the map appears. It's that simple.
Add a calendar to any page and display all your events, or just certain categories.
Site Map
Display a simple outline format of your site's pages with links to each page.
Responsive Slideshow
Drag and drop upload and reordering. Create links to pages or files from your images. Manage setting for autoplay, paging and more.
A reusable collection of other Page Components. Update components in a widget and all pages with that widget are also updated.
Put a log in form for your members on any page.
Customize your registration fields for your members and place the registration on any page.
Enable comments on your blog posts, or add comments to any other page.
Recent Posts
Configure a list of recent blog posts to display on any page.
Add an RSS link for your blog to any page.