Writing a Blog Post

To add a new blog post go to  and click on Blog > New Post.

Then pick a publish date and type in the author and title.

Next, use the Editor to write your wonderful content.  You can upload images to add to your post, or upload files for visitors to download.

Below the Editor you'll notice the HTML Page Title, Open Graph Title and URL pre-filled automatically with your Post Title.  You can edit these as needed.  You can also add an Open Graph Image (used by Facebook when someone shares a link to your post) as well as a Description (and Open Graph Description for Facebook) and Keywords.

Next you can assign your post to Categories.  You can create new Categories by typing in a name and clicking the Add New Category button.  Then select which Categories to associate with your post by checking the checkbox next to each Category.  You can assign any number of Categories to a post.

Post to Facebook & Twitter

If you have connected your blog to Facebook and/or Twitter you can post to your blog and those social networks at the same time.

At the bottom of the New Post page you can click on the Auto Populate buttons to automatically transcribe the correct amount of text from your post for both Facebook and Twitter.  Or, you can type in whatever you like.

If you don't want to post to Facebook or Twitter, simply leave that field blank.

If you uploaded an Open Graph image it will be included in your Facebook post.  If you didn't upload an Open Graph image, we'll search for the first image in the Editor and use that for the Facebook post. If no image is found only text will be posted to Facebook.

Saving as a Draft or Publishing

Once you've entered all your information you can either save the post as a draft to be published later, or publish it right away.  Just click the appropriate button at the top of the New Post page.