Managing Posts

To manage all your blog posts in one place, go to and click on Blog > Manage Posts. From here you can quickly find and manage your posts.

Clicking the blue links you can filter for all, drafts, edited or published posts. You can resort your posts by clicking on the column titles for Title, Author and DatePublished.

To edit a post click on it's Title. To view a post in the blog click on View.

You can page through all your blog posts on the bottom navigation bar, and set how many posts to view at a time.

Post Types

All indicated the total of all types of posts. This count includes any previously Published posts that have been made Private.

Drafts are posts that have been saved as a Draft, but have never been Published.

Edited posts are those that have been previously Published but are now being edited and the changes have not yet been published.

Published posts are live and available for visitors to read.