Connecting to Facebook

The TreesCMS blog allows you to post to your blog and your Facebook page simultaneously. To get started, you will need to connect your blog to your Facebook page. First, log into MyAccount.

Authorize Facebook

After logging into MyAccount click on Connections on the top menu bar. Then click on Facebook in the sidebar menu.

Next, click on the Authorize Facebook button.

This will take you to your Facebook login page. Enter your email or phone and password and log in.

Once logged in, click Okay on all of the confirmation screens:


Copy/Paste Facebook ID & Authorization Token

After clicking Okay on all the confirmation screens, you'll be taken back to your MyAccount page.  You should see a message saying your Facebook authentication is valid.  Below that message, you should see options where you can have your blog post to Facebook.  Main is your personal Facebook account. Other options listed are Pages you have created on Facebook. Select the option to use with your blog and your Facebook ID and Auth Token fields will be revealed below.

Copy and paste both the Facebook ID and Authorization Token over to your website. You'll paste these on the Blog Configuration page.  First, go to  then click on Blog.Next, click on Configuration at the top of the page. Paste your Facebook ID and Authorization Token then click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.

After you have clicked Save Settings you can send a test message to Facebook.