Total Control

Update everything on your site whenever you want.  Pages, text, images, forms, calendars - and much more.

A World of Options

You can have a full fledged business website, a blog, or both.  Grow to reach your greatest potential without limits!

Be Social

Connect with your audience!  Publish to your blog, Facebook and Twitter with a single click!  Place social bookmarks and sharing widgets on any page.

Tools for Success

We've got the tools you want.  A blog, calendar systems, custom forms, member registration, slideshows, file management and more are all built in and ready for you to use.

Conflict Free Updates

No need to worry about out of date plugins or update conflicts.  Keeping up to date and secure is as easy as a mouse click.


With built-in code editors for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, there is no limit to how you can customize your website.

Feature List

Content Management

  • Save and preview edits prior to publishing
  • Add page components and edit in-page on your actual website
  • Optionally require edits be marked as complete prior to publish
  • Optionally require edits be approved by Reviewer prior to publish
  • Powerful yet simple WYSIWYG editor that includes spellcheck, paste from Word, image editor, image map editor, tables, link manager, bullet lists, access to edit raw HTML and more
  • Centralized File Management yet all files also accessible to any page
  • Administrator roles including Publisher, Editor and Reviewer
  • Add any number of page components to any page including Content Blocks, Sub Menus, Contact Forms, Custom Forms, Calendars, Slideshows, Re-Usable Component Widgets, Registration and Login Controls, Comments and Recent Posts from your blog

Image Editor

  • Upload images for use on any page
  • Upload images directly into content (and still reuse on any page)
  • Create thumbnails
  • Resize or crop and save as new image
  • Change image opacity
  • Rotate images
  • Add text to an image and save as a new image
  • Add a border in any width/color to images
  • Set image margins
  • Set ALT, TITLE and Long Description to any image
  • Add a link to an image
  • Create an image map with multiple links

Page Components

Below are just a few of the page components that can be placed on any page.

Content Block

  • Robust yet simple to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Built-in image editor and link manager
  • Built-in document manager for popular file types
  • Use design view or edit raw HTML
  • Define Access Roles to determine who can see component

Sub Menu

  • Select any parent item in any navigation and display all children items as a menu
  • Automatically updates as pages are added or removed
  • Optionally select whether the parent menu item should appear as part of the sub menu
  • Apply ID's or classes to any sub menu to uniquely style the sub menu

Contact Form

  • Default contact form includes name, email, phone and message
  • Edit field labels
  • Customize subject line
  • Customize sending message
  • Each Contact Form can be sent to a unique email or multiple emails

Custom Form Builder

  • Create a custom form with a variety of fields
  • Built in field types for Single Line text, Multi Line text, Name, Address, Email, Date, Numeric, Multiple Choice (radio buttons), Checkboxes and drop-downs (selects).
  • Insert titles and separators as needed
  • Edit labels
  • Set default values for inputs
  • Add note to appear next to input
  • Set required fields and customize validation message
  • Customize input name values for use with third party tools such as email newsletter services
  • Add hidden fields
  • Add custom CSS classes to individual inputs
  • Send form by email or to data collection URL
  • Customize subject line (if email)
  • Edit form submit button text
  • Enable ReCAPTCHA on individual forms
  • Customize the "thank you" message displayed upon submission
  • Define Access Roles to determine who can see component


  • Create multiple color coded calendar categories
  • Add calendar to a page to display any individual or multiple categories
  • Display as grid or list
  • Attach file to be download to a calendar entry
  • Create full detail page for any calendar entry
  • Calendar detail pages can include any Page Component
  • Edit calendar detail pages prior to publishing
  • Enable/Disable calendar detail pages as needed
  • Apply custom ID's or classes to each calendar component to uniquely style each
  • Define Access Roles to determine who can see component


  • Create re-usable components or component groups
  • Add a widget to multiple pages, update just the widget, and all pages with the widget are updated
  • Each component within a widget can be fully configured


  • Separate Registration, Login and Forgot Password components can individually be placed on any page
  • Registration component allows you to select which fields to request during registration


  • Add comments to any page - not just blog posts
  • Assign Access Roles to grant rights to leave comments
  • Built-in anti-spam
  • Edit/Delete comments
  • Lock individual comment components from future comments
  • Define Access Roles to determine who can see component

Website Management

  • Save and preview edits prior to publishing
  • Optionally require edits be marked as complete prior to publish
  • Optionally require edits be approved by Reviewer prior to publish
  • Powerful yet simple WYSIWYG editor
  • File Management
  • Administrator roles including Publisher, Editor and Reviewer
  • Analytics integration
  • ReCAPTCHA integration


  • Create unlimited pages
  • Enable or Disable individual pages
  • Customize text used for every level of the URL
  • Customize HTML Title Tags and Page Headings
  • META Description and META Keywords
  • Code injection on individual pages including META, CSS and JavaScript
  • Independently set menu item text, page heading, HTML Title tag and URL text
  • Optionally exclude a page from search
  • Enable any page for SSL
  • Restrict page access based on access role
  • Edit page settings either in Navigation Menus section or directly on a live page
  • Changing a page's URL in any way automatically creates a 301 redirect

Site Navigation

  • Create unlimited navigation menus in addition to your primary navigation menu
  • Create unlimited hierarchy (unlimited drop-downs)
  • Control whether your primary navigation shows only root menu items, or any specific number of levels
  • Menu items can be a page, folder or link to a file or URL
  • Create secondary navigation menus for any pages that don't belong in your primary menu
  • Customize every level of the URL
  • Drag and drop menu items or entire sections to any other location in a menu tree
  • Moving or renaming any menu item automatically creates a 301 redirect
  • Deleting a menu items gives you the option of a 301 and the ability to select the page to receive the 301 redirect
  • Add any navigation menu to any page through the Sub Menu Page Component
  • Configure the Sub Menu Page Component to display any level of the navigation menu
  • Add custom CSS ID and Classes to any Sub Menu


  • Powerful yet simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Includes built-in image editor
  • Save drafts and edits prior to publish
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Post Categories
  • Use any Page Template
  • Use any Page Components within your blog
  • Built-in comments with anti-spam
  • Simultaneously post to Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrated with built-in site search
  • RSS
  • Customizable, clean URLs

Search Engine Optimization

  • Built-in, no plugins required
  • Sitemap.xml file is generated automatically
  • Robots.txt file is generated automatically
  • Canonical Link Tags are automatically generated on all pages while allowing you to select format (e.g. www.domain.com versus domain.com)
  • Clean, Search Friendly URLs are generated for every single page, and you can select keywords to use for each level of the URL
  • Page Titles can be individually customized on every single page
  • HTML Tags - control all aspects of your HTML including image and link tags such as ALT and TITLE
  • 301 Redirects are managed automatically any time you delete or move a page or entire section
  • Custom META Tags can be entered for Description and Keywords on each individual page
  • Filenames of images and other files are maintained as whatever you created
  • Page Headings - type in keyword rich page headings
  • Advanced users can completely control HTML semantic markup
  • Unlimited Content Creation - no limits on pages, blog posts or any other content

Design & Development

  • Full access to customize HTML from <!DOCTYPE> to </html>
  • Use any CSS framework or JavaScript library - or use your own
  • Write CSS, LESS or both
  • No need to learn any propriety development language - use straight HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • FTP access giving you full control
  • Create themes, download, and import to other sites
  • No need to download/install any software, everything is done in you browser
  • Easily integrate with Typekit or Google fonts, or upload your own webfonts
  • Developer Mode built-in to allow preview of all code changes prior to publishing - no need for a secondary development site
  • Create re-usable code blocks as Includes and re-use on any Page Template - great for headers, footer or any other repeated area on your website
  • Create unlimited custom page layouts and use on any page - including your blog, search results page, custom error pages and more
  • Use any third-party JavaScript plugins or tools such as social bookmarks and widgets, slideshows or galleries, or special layout tools such as parallax scrolling